Delhi 6

The Parathe Wali galli was everything I’d hoped for (and more, parathas, I mean)

It’s been a while since the last post, and I’m not sure anyone’s even following this blog anymore. But I’ve always had a single-digit following, so what the hell.

28 items on the menu. And they are all parathas! Ranging from the normal (aloo paratha, mooli, gobi) to the absolute insane (ever heard of a rabdi paratha or a kaju paratha?). This is the legenday Parathe-wali galli, and here, if it’s edible (veg only, mind you) and can be stuffed, they will stuff it. Parathas ranging Rs 30 to Rs 45, this is the gastronomic heart of the Old Delhi.

But first here’s what took me to the Dalhi.
Day 1: Official event, stay at the Taj (company-sponsored of course; twin-sharing, but I’m not complaining), and that meant, dip in the pool (on the shallow-side, because I can’t really swim), and the perfect, impossibly comfy bed. Perfect. Saturday was largely spent at DLF Emporio, watching an incredible number of people spend incredible sums of money.
Day 2: Shopping at Janpath, then milkshake at Keventers at Connaught Place, thanks to RG. Milk makes the Dalhi boys hatta gatta and Keventer’s serves it old-style—close to a litre of the chilled stuff (flavours ranging chocolate, coffee, pista, mango, it goes on) served in one of those old milk bottles with silver foil caps that you no longer get.
From CP, it was a short ride to Chandni Chowk.
Digression: I’m officially in love with the metro. It’s organised, state-of-the-art. And clean (you must understand the charm that has to someone who takes the Mumbai local train to work).
Now, Chandni Chowk. An incredibly crowded area that reminded me of the Charminar area of Hyderabad. And the legendary Parathe-wali galli is literally a galli (a metre-wide lane that magically accommodates thousands of pedestrians, two-wheelers and pushcarts of hot stuff simmering away in hot oil. Some of it looks suspect, but I was here for the parathas, and that is absolutely delightful. We chose one of the many lookalike hole-in-the-walls, this one called Babu Ram Parathe Wale (Regd). The menu of over two dozen parathas also told us that it was mandatory to order at least two parathas! Oh, and that the lassi was made from curd (Didn’t know another kind exists). My mixed paratha was brilliant, and RG’s interesting tomato paratha was, well, interesting. I rounded it off with a childhood comfort food, the sugar paratha. Yes, plain old caramelised sugar stuffed into a paratha. Heavenly.
We wolfed it down, paid Rs 90, and heeded all the signs on the wall, including ‘be careful of your belongings’ and ‘do not wash your hands in the plate’!
This was a food experience to cherish. Blueberry cheesecake at the Taj versus sugar paratha at Delhi 6? The choice is obvious.


Fully grown fuzzy Hipposaur said...

Awesome as always, perfectly captures the whirwind tour that was Dilli. Next time, I promise, there's will be lots more to eat and see:)

saachi said...

being the procrastinating student i still follow ur blog :-)
i went there once, to the paratha place... idd, food there tastes so much better than it looks...

debasmita said...

Chanced upon your blog on FB...loved your parantha post...and tempted to taste it as well! on a diff note, really well expected from my ex-ToI colleague..:) write more often! :)

tanmaysekhar said...

Now you know... why I love Delhi so much and always wanted to be there... so many things which are typical dilli, please do go to filmistan just opp filmistan u'll get chole bhature.. awesome stuff... karol bagh another place you must visit.

DK said...

I have to go to that place now :)

Anonymous said...

Not a big Delhi fan, but this post made me want to go there - and EAT! :D

Anonymous said...

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